Sublime inspired talent on the decks with an image and style that is in a class of her own!!!

Eve Carey”eclectic spin and use of music attracts arrange of different inspired sounds

All ready this year Eve Carey has played and brought her Musical genius too many music inspired people and rocked!!!

Eve Carey...Where to see her



3rd Feb - Salida Del Sol - Goa

1st Feb - Leopard Valley Goa

31st Jan - Lost Paradise - Goa

30th Jan - Tattwa - Goa

25th Jan - Ce La Vi - Sri Lanka

23rd Jan - Tattwa - Goa

20th Jan - Life@ Living rooms North Goa

20th Jan - Salida Del Sol Goa

18th Jan - Leopard Valley - Goa

13th Jan - Salida Del Sol

11th Jan - Leopard Valley - Goa

9th Jan - Tattwa - Goa

6th Jan - Salida Del Sol

4th Jan - Leopard Valley - Goa

3rd Jan - Sol De Goa - North Goa

31st Dec - Fireflies - Bangalore India

28th Dec - Leopard Valley - Goa

25th Dec - Salida Del Sol - Goa